Saturday, March 13, 2010


                                           Where would you go? Where would you go within its empty streets, its silent alleyways, its quiet corridors, where would you walk, your footsteps echoing where there were no footsteps before you? Answer these before you walk through the door. There is no map to the City, the City of Emptiness, the City Without Shadows, the Constantly Shifting City, where the buildings are never in the same place twice.

      You think you know what it is. You've seen the SuddenlY Appearing Door. The Door has always been there The Doors only Appear when you are not looking. There are several types of Doors:

             1. Doors to the City
             2. Doors to Someplace else
             3. Doors to Sometime else
             4. Doors to the Outside

      All Doors are dangerous. When a Door reveals itself Appears, all Shadows move away from it.

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